Singing up for contests

Respected Belgrade Sport Fest lovers,

Hereby, we would like to inform you that the team sports competitions in basketball, handball and football are organized by the University Sport Union of Belgrade.

This is a student cup, and therefore only student teams are allowed to register.

In order to apply for these team competitions (both male and female) please feel free to contact Stevan Ĺ egrt from the University Sport Union by the following number: 063/86 26 062.



Data/Images/savezbvbsn_no1.jpg The presentations of the martial art, dancing, gymnastic and fitness clubs will be organized by the Martial Arts and Sports Union of Belgrade.

For the registration and presentation of the clubs already mentioned, you can contact Damir Amedovski 063/ 13 99 355.


This year, indivudual application for the other sports is not possible, since separated tournaments are being organized.

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